Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Living with hobbits

Almost always, about a half hour after they eat, I have this conversation with my kids.
"Mom I am hungry I want a snack."
"You can wait until snack time."
"Mom I am hungry now"
"You can wait a half hour"
Then about 10 mins to snack or lunch time.
"Mom I need food"
"Ok ok just a minute"
"Mom Mom I need food"
"Ok I will get you (insert appropriate snack or food for time of day here)"
While I am in the kitchen getting them the food I hear "Mom I want food, mom I want some food, mom I am hungry."
"Ok I am getting it"
"Mom I want food, I want food now"
"I am getting it it takes a minute."
"Mom I want food, Mom I want food, Mom I want food."

I don't understand how they can ALWAYS be hungry and why when they can see me in the kitchen getting them food they still feel the need to remind me that I need to get them food.
I could probably save myself this conversation by just letting them get their own snacks (we have a you are not allowed to just go into the kitchen and get yourself food rule), but then they would probably eat fruit snacks and granola bars all the time.


Becky Lewis said...

Kids are ALWAYS hungry and you are a good Mom to plan snack time. I use to tell my kids (for after school) that if it was on the table it was good to eat, but not to dig for anything else because I had plans for it. Worked pretty good.

Ariane said...

Thats cute. My Mom had a rule that we could eat: carrots, broccoli and whatever other veggies that we could get ourselves anytime we wanted. So there was never a "I am hungry" without Mom saying "eat a carrot and stop complaining".

Baby Madelynn said...

Hilarious! As I am making said snack Dillon is still telling me how hungry he is. I'm like what am I doing? He says I know but I am still hungry. I am right there with you ha ha! I do have a snack drawer though full of granola bars and fruit snacks and then in the fridge it's cheese sticks and cheese cubes and apples. If he is so hungry and can't wait for me he know he can have that IF he asks first. It works pretty well. He asks me 99% of the time first and it makes him so independent. Sad! :)

Andrea said...

I am totally into this exact thing with Natalie right now! I feel your pain. Here's how it goes: "Mom." I look directly at her: "Yes?"
Natalie: "Mom!"
me...still looking right at her: "Yes, Natalie? What is it?"
Natalie: "Mom!!...MOMMA!!!"
Me still staring right into her eyes, and trying super hard not to lose it: "Natalie, I'm looking right at you. What do you want?!"
Natalie: "Mom?"
Me: *sigh* "Yes?"
Natalie> "Mom, please me have some more milk, Mom?"

ahhhh...the joys of motherhood. :) We sure miss you guys. Hopefully we'll see you this winter.