Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy Little Logan

Logan is a funny kid. He is so silly and crazy that I think sometimes people miss how totally brilliant he is, but he is. He is so good at following directions and knows so much, you just have to listen.
For his birthday he got a shape sorter that he is really good at, but that is not why I think he is brilliant. When he is playing with it I can ask him any of the shapes, the colors, or the numbers on the shape and usually he will get it right. Then tonight I was showing Scott how Logan can find the shapes and Scott asked Logan where the hexagon was (there was no hexagon). Logan picked up a few shapes then got up and left the room. Then a moment later Logan returned with the hexagon and he explained that it was in his old room.
It was kinda like the time we were watching the BYU game and Guy yelled "Where's your wheels Logan?" to the game (Logan is a BYU player). So Logan got up, dug through a box and brought Guy a wheel. At first non of us dumb adults realized that Logan thought guy was talking to him and he was just getting him his wheel.
Anyway I just wanted to get it out there that we don't just love Logan for his looks... the boy has brains too.


Kathleen said...

what a smartie!

oh, and I love your new background...cute!!

Andrea said...

Jeez! What a little smarty-pants! I haven't even touched shaped with Natalie yet. (bad momma!) Looks like his birthday party was a lot of fun. He is such a handsome little guy! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of months!

Beth said...

That's our brilliant and adorable little grandson!
Love always,
Mom Hilton