Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun

I happen to really love Halloween and love doing Halloween things with the kids. We had plans to go to Gardner Village, check out a pumpkin patch, go to the school Halloween carnival, and go to the ward Halloween party....and of course trick-or-treating. But since we have a recovering Alan boy and we are all sick we had to amend our plans.

So all pre-Halloween festivities were cut out. On Halloween the kids and I made mini-pumpkin pies for lunch. I also made pumpkin cream cheese cookies with the left over pie filling. Then after a lunch of pumpkin treats and eye balls (grapes) we carved our pumpkin. We thought the kids would have fun sorting the seeds out of the bowl of pumpkin guts... they didn't. The silly kids
quickly realized they didn't like touching the orange stuff.
Scott carved the face of Jack the Pumpkin King (at Alan's request) without a stencil or anything. I think he did an awesome job. Then we got in costume, went to red box to get Monsters Vs. Aliens, and picked out a jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner. There was a lot of debate about trick-or-treating this year. First there was the question of whether or not Alan could handle it and then there was the issue of germs (ours and theirs). Just think for a moment about how many sick kids have reached their hands into the candy bowl before you did. That may sound a little OCD, but we really need to keep Alan as healthy as possible. In the end we did go out for awhile and had Alan ride in a stroller between houses. Logan, the little chicken, was scared of everyone's pumpkins and refused to get out of the stroller or go up to anyone's door. I think he still had fun despite that.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Glad you still got to celebrate despite some set-backs. Hope you're all feeling better soon!

Beth said...

You guys did a great job of making the best out of a tough situation. Awesome jack-o-lantern and darling costumes. May I also say from experience, the pumpkin cookies were delicious; I need the recipe!
Love always,
Mom Hilton