Monday, November 2, 2009

Logan's Birthday Party

We had Logan's birthday party on October 25th. He had a fun day and I was so glad we could give him a day all about him. We started the day with buttermilk pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and juice. After breakfast we let Logan open an after breakfast present. He got a building set. He loves to build things.

Later Grandma, Grandpa, Eric, Jake, Kevin, Dan, Ludy, Tom, and Great Grandma Leavitt all came over for a party. Logan fell asleep just before everyone came over, so we had to wake him up. We ate first and then it was time for presents and cake. We took too long to get to opening presents and Logan got a little upset and started crying while we were singing happy birthday. But then we got him his present and it was all good again. He was spoiled with a camping set, dinosaur, tool box, train set, more trains, books, and a bag full of sea creatures.

After presents it was time for cake. I had plans to make the
most amazing blues clues cake you have ever seen, but I
really just couldn't invest the time into it. That first week
after Alan came home was kinda crazy around here and it took all I had just to keep us on track. So instead Logan got blue clues paw print cupcakes. They are one normal cupcake
with 4 mini cupcakes and look like Blue's birthday cake. For the big people I made Peanut Butter Cup Cake. It was good.

The rest of the evening the kids played with Logan's new toys while the rest of us played Wii. All in all I think Logan had a pretty happy birthday. I can't believe my Baby Logi is now a big boy. Happy Birthday Baby
Still waking up

Enjoying his cupcake

Opening presents

Playing with Tom

Being a dragon playing in his new tent

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Beth said...

That was such a fun night for such a fun boy!
Love always,
Mom Hilton