Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Awesome Vacation - Day 2

January 4, 2011

Tuesday was our first full day in Disneyland. We got up, got ready, got breakfast at the hotel and got ourselves to Disneyland.   For some reason the shuttle to Disneyland took FOREVER to come.  We got there just as the park was opening so it wasn't too crowded and a lot of the characters were out and about.

Emma and I let the boys go have some fun and we went to meet some princesses.

Meeting the princesses was SO MUCH FUN!  We were like third in line so the wait time was not bad at all and then they gave Emma plenty of one on one time with each princess.  

I am sure they are nice to everyone, but I was really impressed with how nice then interested in Emma they all were.  I know it made her feel really special.

All the princesses really liked Emma's princess skirt, but none of them liked it as much as Tinker Bell.  There was actually a kinda long wait for Tinker Bell, but we needed to kill a little time while we waited for the princesses to switch over.  Away Tinker Bell LOVED Emma.  She talked to her for a really long time and totally loved her skirt and sparkly zebra print shoes (she said they must be animal talent fairy shoes).

Emma meeting Aurora was the cutest thing.  When Emma first came over to her she was just in the middle of her little area and, but then she had Emma come sit over on the bench with her and they talked for a while.  Aurora also told her that her mommy was better than having fairies (I always knew Aurora was my favorite) .

Sadly the only princess that we didn't meet was Cinderella and she was the one Emma wanted to meet the most.  Emma was a little disappointed, but she has met her before so it was okay.

After the princesses we met up with the boys and Guy, Kristin, and Adam.  And did just about all the rides in Tomorrow Land.  Logan was brave and rode Space Mountain and I kicked everyone's butt at the Buzz Lightyear  ride.  I am still not sure how I did it, but I think it was because I kept shooting for all the kinda not obvious targets and those must be worth more.

After lunch we headed over to California Adventure to catch the Playhouse Disney show.  I am a little sad to say I think Emma and Alan are getting old for Playhouse Disney.  But they still had fun.

While Scott ran over and got fast passes for Soarin' Over California the kids and I met Lightning McQueen.  This was possibly Logan's FAVORITE part of the day.  He was ridiculously excited.  It was almost impossible to get him to hold still long enough to get this picture.  He just kept wiggling and touching the car.  I wish I had had the camera on video. It was just that funny.

Next we hit some of the classic rides on the midway area.  The kids also saw Woody and Jessie over there. We didn't wait around to get pictures, but the kids were happy enough just to be a few feet away from them.

After about 10 straight hours in the park we quickly rode a few rides in A Bug's Land  before calling it a night.

After leaving the park we made out first trip ever to Balboa Island for frozen bananas.  Going to Balboa Island is a tradition for Guy and Kristin, but this time we were lucky enough to be with them.  I think Scott wants to move there just so we can eat frozen bananas everyday.  I don't think the kids would mind.

It was another very late night.  But the kids were SO good and nice and happy all day.  It was pretty much as perfect as a day could get.


Beth said...

It's been awhile since we've seen this blog! What fun pictures. So glad you had such a fun trip and so glad we got to keep "nicey Brycey".
Love always,j
Mom Hilton

Becky Lewis said...

Love it all....making memories is the best job a Mom and Dad has!! You two are doing a terrific job.