Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Awesome Vacation - day 4

Looking back through the pictures I realized that I didn't take any pictures at the hotel.  To bad.  I think the biggest reason why was because we didn't ever really spend much time at the hotel.  We where just go go go everyday and our hotel room was just somewhere to crash and then shower before going again.

Day 4 we were in Sea World.  What a fun place!  It was a first for ALL of us.  We started the day over at the Arctic Adventure area.    Emma and I kinda got separated from the pack because Emma wanted to ride the Helicopter Adventure ride (or whatever it was called) and Logan was too short to ride and although Alan's mysterious fever had not come back we didn't want to push him with a ride warning against possible motion sickness.

We met back up with everyone at the Shamu show.

Guy, Kristin, and Adam where right up front.

We spent the rest of the afternoon catching a couple of shows and checking out aquariums in between.

I think our favorite where the Sharks.  There is this tunnel that goes through the shark tank.  So cool.

The boys and Logan especially really loved the Piranhas.  They were so pretty and sparkly.

We all played together at the sesame street play area.  The kids love the rides and Logan was like a monkey or something climbing through the nets.

There were tons of cool aquariums and open tanks.  All the kids got to pet some stingrays and other fish and pick up star fish.  They thought it was so neat.

The drive home from Sea World was also quite the adventure.  We found ourselves in some serious need of gas, Scott cell phone was dead (due to the weird reception or lack there of we had in Sea World), mine was near dead, and we didn't pass any gas stations on the way back to the Hotel.  Lucky we made it back (the gas gauge reading like 1 mile or something) and got directions to a gas station and a cell phone charger before heading back out to meet up with Guy and Kristin at Claim Jumpers for dinner.

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