Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Awesome Vacation - Day 3

Day 3 was not as perfect as day 2.  We planned on heading down to San Diego after we left Disneyland that day.  So before heading off to the park for the day we loaded up the van and checked out of the hotel.

Our first stop when we got into the park was the Mad Hatter for some mouse ears.  It was there that we realized Alan had a fever.  That's right, here we are in Disneyland, we have checked out of our hotel and don't have another hotel until that night, and Alan has a fever.  I had brought medicine on the trip, but it was back in the van at the hotel parking lot.  Luckily, Disneyland has fabulous first aide.  It is more like a mini hospital and it was free.  So we were able to get Alan some Tylenol without even leaving the park.

Since Alan obviously wasn't feeling well, he sat in the stroller and went with Scott to go pick up some fast passes to use later while Emma, Logan and I rode a few rides and went through Sleeping Beauty's castle.  I love disneyland, but one thing I don't like is that unless you have been there with little kids you never know when something is suddenly going to be scary.  For the most part it is okay, but sometimes it can cause a little panic to a 3 year old.  Sleeping Beauty's Castle was one of those places.  Poor Logan, we were about half way through it (with a ton of people behind us) when Logan and I realized things were going to get a lot scarier before they got better.

After the castle we met back up with Alan and Scott and headed over to Toon Towne.  First up.... Meet Minnie and Mickey.  We let the kids pick with one they wanted to meet.  No surprise that the boys wanted to meet Mickey and Emma wanted to meet Minnie.

There was a picture of Logan meeting Mickey, but I can't find it on my computer.

We spent quite a bit of time in Toon Towne.  It was kinda the perfect low keys fun for our poor Alan Boy.

While the boys and I played around Emma and Daddy went on the roller coaster.

You can tell which ones are Scott and Emma.  Scott has his arms up.

Toon Towne was also fun because the characters were out all over the place.  After a very healthy lunch :) we played a little more and ...

Alan decied he was feeling up to a ride so we went on the Roger Rabbit ride.  Logan spent the whole ride hiding his face.  Warning: Even if you child can handle Space Mountain that doesn't mean he can handle Roger Rabbit or a walk through a castle.

Next we met up with Guy and Kristin and took turns going on Indiana Jones (Logan was too short and possibly it would have been the last scare he could take.)

Alan decided he was feeling up to riding and he got to drive the Jeep.

Logan Cried and Cried and Cried because he REALLY wanted to ride the Indiana Jones Ride.  Poor kid.  Sometimes it is so hard to be little.

Then we hung out a little and the kids had fun taking pictures.

We decided to head back over to Fantasyland, or what ever it is called, before calling it a day.

I think the long days were starting to wear on poor little Logan a little.   While waiting in line to ride Dumbo he decided he just wanted to be alone.  At this point we also had Adam with us.  We kept getting weird looks.  I could tell people were trying to decide if Emma, Adam, and Alan  were triples or may be Adam and Alan were twins and we had 4 kids all relatively close in age.

I think this picture pretty clearly illustrates how we were felling by the time we rode the Casey Jr. Train.  It was getting dark and it was time to head out.

On the way out we let the kids each pick a souvenir and with that we were on the shuttle and our time at the Happiest Place On Earth was over.  As you can see Emma got an Eeyore pillow pet, Alan got a Mickey Mouse Light Saber and Logan got a set of Toy Story Figurines.  I hope I never forget how cute Logan was talking about his Rexy and Widdle Woody and all his widdle guys.

Day 3 definitely had a lot more hiccups than the perfection of day 2, but it was still a great day. And the kids were still so good and sweet.

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Amanda said...

Oh my word....I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I wanna go right now!!! So fun and so brave with your whole bunch! (I am always terrified of losing a child in a crowd)
I love the pic of Scott and Alan on the Indiana Jones jeep. I have half a billion pics of Scott doing that exact face from HS. Good to see some things don't change haha! :)