Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday June 13

Friday morning we all got ready and left for a little shopping. Our first stop was Target for a few essentials then we headed off to the Gateway. Grandma took the kids to Build-a-bear. It was so much fun. It was our first time and Emma and Alan had so much fun. Emma chose a Hello Kitty and Alan got a dinosaur. We also got a cute curly haired bear for Logan. Alan got a little scared when they turned on the machine to stuff them. But got really excited when it came time to choose accessories. At first he wanted a skate board, then a car, then an MP3 player, but he finally decided on a motorcycle. Emma put her little kitty in a beautiful fairy tutu and she got a little blowup chair. My mom put voice chips in them so Alan's says "Grandma loves Alan." They said that it would play about 3000 times, but by the end of the day there were only 1000 left. Once we were all done at build-a-bear we decided to have ice cream for lunch. I know it is not the healthiest choice, but how often does Grandma from Alaska come to visit. This ice cream in hand we headed over to the fountain to play a little before we had to leave for Alan's appointment at Primary Children's Medical Center. Emma was the only one to actually play in the water. Alan was content to watch from the side.
At 2:30 we had to be up at PCMC for Alan's appointment. About a year and a half ago Alan was diagnosed with urinary reflux and had to be on antibiotics to keep from getting kidney, bladder, and urinary tract infections. The test for it is called a VCUG, I don't know what that stands for, but my pediatrician told me I didn't really want to know. The test is horrible and I am not going to describe it I will just let you know it includes a catheter, big table, binding his legs together, and a large x-ray machine that comes down on top of him. Oh poor Alan he was so brave. I had such a hard time not crying. Even now just thinking about it I feel so bad for him. I was so glad to have my mom there so I didn't even have to think about Emma and Logan and I could just focus on my poor baby boy. He was so cute and smart for the nurses and doctors before the test. First they have to do an ultrasound. and while we were doing that Alan was laying on a bed playing with a "super computer" and saying things like "E is for Elephant HUH" or "a says ah." They also had this thing on projecting colors on the ceiling and when asked what colors he saw he said "Orange, yellow, red, and green" which were all the colors there were. Then before the VCUG they had someone come in and try to tell him what was was going to be happening during the test. Alan kept happily paying with them and telling them all about dinosaurs.
Once we left Primary Children's we pick Scott up from work and he dropped my mom and I off back at the Gateway for a little mother daughter time. We shopped for hours and had so much fun. We hadn't had a mother daughter shopping trip in years. We got some great stuff, had great conversation, and a lot of laughs. When we were done we headed up to trax and then over to frontrunner so we could take a train back up to Kaysville. We waited for trax for like 10 or 15 mins then when we got over to frontrunner we realized we had missed the 9:25 train by less than 5 mins. SAD. So we had to wait around until the 10:25 train. Even though it was lame that we missed the train we still managed to have a good time waiting around for the train. We were definitely tired and a little silly by the time we got hime. While at the mall I got a call from Alan pediatrician and she said the VCUG came back clean and he no longer has urinary reflux, so we will never have to do that again.

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Bek said...

What a fun day! Except for the hospital visit, of course. My sister, Anna's, little boy went through a procedure that sounded similiar when he had a urinary tract infection. I remember her telling me it made her cry watching. I'm sorry you and Allan had to go through that! I also wanted to tell you I made your dessert last weekend when some friends invited us over for a BBQ. It was yummy! Thanks!