Friday, June 20, 2008

Monday June 16

Well Monday was our 5th day of fun in a row. Grandma left Monday morning before the kids got up. They were sad that Grandma was gone, but I explained that Grandpa was all alone in Alaska and needed Grandma back. Emma only cried once and well Alan is a boy, so after jumping on his bed a little and attacking Emma he was fine. To make the adjustment a little easier I took the kids to play group at the park at 10. They had a lot of fun playing with their friends.
That night when daddy got home, we quickly got ready and went to the end of the year pool party for Emma's preschool at Surf-n-swim. For all of us, but Scott it was our first time at Surf-n-swim. Emma has recently gotten over her fear of large bodies of water so she ran right in with Scott while I stayed over by the steps with Shark Boy (Alan). We let him take his time adjusting to the water and by the time we left he was crawling head first into the waves attacking them like a shark. Emma saw a few of her friends there, but it was specially cute when her friend Kole came to over to say hi and they ended up holding hands swimming together. Then I realized we are in trouble if she is only 4 and already picking up guys at the pool. I think we are in trouble on both sides because I kept noticing the female lifeguards giggling about how cute our Shark Boy was being. It was pretty cute watching him riding around on Scott while Emma used him as a tug boat. Baby Logan was very sleepy and was a very good sport about being there. Even when I lost my balance for a moment and he went under the water he was totally content to just hang out in the baby sling cuddled up to mommy.
By the time we were leaving it was way past everyone's bed time, so we just headed home in our swim stuff and when we got home for the first time we just threw that all in the kids in the bath at once. Baby Logi is getting so big.


Chris & Kathleen said...


Where did you get "shark boy"'s shark? That thing is cool.

let me guess...ebay?

Angela said...

Looking at your pics of Surf N'Swim brought back some great memories. My cousin lived in Farmington and I loved it when we'd go swimming there. They need to have more of those places around! I love the "life"jackets. I saw them at WalMart and almost bought some - how do your kids like them??