Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Milestones for Emma

This week has been a little bit crazy (as always), a little bit sad, and there have been a few milestones reached for Emma. On Monday Emma climbed the climbing wall at the park all by herself (and in jellies). She probably could have done it sooner, but I always insisted on helping her. It is so hard for me not to want to baby her, but these past few weeks I have really noticed a desire in her to be more grown up and might I add responsible. It is a fun change to see her becoming such a big girl. Another milestone was getting a real big girl bed. We got a twin bed from her friend Anna. She was so excited to have an "Anna bed," as we call it around here. Poor Alan now has the "Megan bed" which is a little bit prettier than the other toddler bed we has, but it is nicer and doesn't creak like the metal bed. I told him we could turn it into what ever kind of bed he wants (with the use of stickers) and maybe paint it. The last big milestone for Emma was that for the first time she has had a best friend move away. The Thompson's moved to Seattle on Friday and it has been sad for both Emma and Alan (who was in love with Anna). It is hard to explain people moving away. The kids understand when we move to a new house, but someone else moving seems to be a little harder. We are all going to miss the Thompsons.

Logan playing in Alan's old bed with Alan's dinosaurs. He is also getting a little more independent and will actually sit and play with toys without me right next to him... sometimes.

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Chris said...

We miss you guys too! It is so weird to see Emma in Anna's bed, they look so alike! I'm glad she's liking it...poor Alan, we'll have to hook them up at BYU in a few years!