Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Ever Growing Kiddos

It has become tradition that every May I take the kids to Kiddie Kandids and get this picture taken. It is so fun to see how they grow. This year I brought the 2006 picture with me so I could show them exactly what I wanted. They asked if I wanted any other shots and I, knowing my kids, told them I just wanted to try to get these two poses and that was it. It took over 30 mins, but we got them. I really do have good kids, I just know that for some reason they get a little strange when you put them up on that platform and try to take their pictures. Logan was a total trooper. The whole adventure was even more fun when as we were leaving the mall a lady told me that there was water dripping from my stroller. Emma had tried to open a bottle of previously unopened water. When she couldn't she put it back in the diaper bag (slightly open). It leaked out socking my diaper bag, and puddling in the basket underneath... were the pictures were. They got wet, but luckily it was discovered before any real damage was done. It was this near lose that has prompted me to scan all my pictures that are not digital and then re-back up all my pictures on disks. It will be a lot of work, but it would be sad if something were to happen and we lost so many precious memories.

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Bek said...

You are Super Mom! How do you find time with 3 kids to refinish furniture, scan all your pictures, make clothes for your children, and plan backyard sleepovers? Wow! I was thinking it'd be fun to have a campout in our backyard, but then I remembered the scorpions. Maybe we'll opt for sleeping on the trampoline! One great thing about Vegas is there are no mosquitos!!!