Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where do they get this stuff

My kids have been so funny this past week, saying and doing all kinds of funny things. Here's a sample:

On Sunday while the home teachers were over, they asked the kids who Jesus is. Although I know that if they saw a picture they could point him out, actually putting it in words is a little harder. Immediately Alan announced "A Skateboarder." It was pretty funny and less embarrassing then when during last General Conference at Grandpa and Grandma's house Emma said "President Monson has a big head like Frosty the Snowman."

On Monday I found Emma and Alan "on a fly boat (one of their beds) going to Ice cream Pasagna where they eat fruit-snacks and strawberries." Alan has recently started putting a P sound on the front of a lot of words like, Pachine and Panana.

On Tuesday after I got home from giving a cake decorating class I gave Emma and Alan each a little bit of leftover fondant to play with, or eat. Emma always likes to make hers into a baby. Later that day as we were getting in the van, Emma said "Mom I am bringing my baby." I said "oh yeah?" And she said "yeah, he is in my tummy." Meaning she had eaten the baby. What made it all the better was when I later realized on an episode of Go Diego Go, Diego has an iguana eat strawberries so he can carrying the strawberry seeds in his tummy to Abuleo and then "poop them out." (those are Diego's words not mine). I am not sure they should really be teaching kids your stomach is like a pocket. Have you seen the things your kids will carry around in their pockets?

And today while making dinner I came downstairs to check on the kids to find that they had gathered together every large item/toy they could carry (including a baby gate and the cooler) and had fashioned a "pirate ship," which was more like a life raft. Emma was using the towel rod from her play kitchen as a "spotting scope" looking for land, and Alan was looking into the "treasure chest" (cooler) while singing a rowdy pirate song. They are saying "arrr" in the picture.

I know there are other funny/creative things they said and did, but those will have to do for now.


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Man I have some of the funniest niece and nephews in the world! Love you guys and love your blog! We're excited to see you this weekend!

Chris & Kathleen said...

You kids are hilarious! Serious laughs from that post. . .

Kristin and Guy said...

Funny! What happens to our childhood imagination when we grow up? We should all be more like Tom Hanks in that movie "Big". ;)