Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bug

Since coming home from Yellowstone we had to turn our attention to getting ready to move. Our new place is a lot smaller then where we are now, so we had a yard sale this weekend to get rid of a few thing. Be also gave the Queen bed in our spare room to Dan and Lesli. Dan came over on Thursday night to pick it up and when Scott came back in the back door he said "I just got attacked by a moth or something." and then he went back into the spare room. Moments later Scott started calling for me. I came to the door and there was this giant hissing bug attacking Scott. I started screaming but Scott just caught the bug and went to show it to Dan. Later that night I went to move the van and there was our little friend on the windshield wiper. It doesn't look as big in the picture, but when you realize that that is a windshild wiper it is on, you can see it is pretty big.

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Bek said...

We had one of those hissing beetles on our porch in Layton shortly before we moved. Creepy!