Saturday, August 2, 2008

My little Man

I can't believe that my little baby Logi is already 9.5 months old. He is such a cute, fun kid. He loves to crawl, climb, and try to do everything that Emma and Alan do. He now says "Mama," "Dada," "Emma," and "Yes" (no matter what question you ask him). He also loves to sit in his high chair and feed himself. I think that it's funny that with as much as he eats he is still so skinny (for a baby). Size 6-12 mos pants highwater on him and 12-18 mos pants fall off his little bum. He also has 6 teeth now.
Emma is always telling me that we are his two mommies and Alan always says "He's my cute baby."
Logan is such a wonderful addition to our family. His big toothy grin always makes us smile. And sometimes he is still just a cuddly little baby.

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Becky Lewis said...

Eddy was a skiiny baby and I worried so much about him, he was only 15# when he was a year. But my pediatrition said as long as he is developementally on target, he was happy and sleeping well....he was okay. After that was said, I just enjoyed him. We just called him our "Feather Weight" He was a thumb sucker so I think that was his suppliment for all emotions.
Cute, cute blog.....we love you guys.
Aunt Becky