Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emma's First Day of School

Tuesday Morning I loaded the kids into the stroller and walk Emma to her first day at her new preschool. She loved it and did really well. She has always been so great at making friends and doing well in new places. At her new school she starts out in the large motor skills room (or park as Emma and Alan call it), then she goes to home room, the art room, computer lab, and science lab, and then she ends up in the park again at the end of the day. It also ended up being Alan first day of school. They let kids take a free class just to try it out and even though Alan is not even 2 and 1/2 yet they let him sit in on the 3 year old class. They have one way mirrors in all the rooms so parents can stay and watch, so I stayed to see how Alan would do. He did so well and we considered letting him start school, but I do think I am ready to put him in school yet even if he is. Emma (peeking out of the window) and Alan (has one sock on?) playing at "Emma's Park"

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