Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hilton Reunion 2008

We kicked off the reunion with burgers in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard. It was so fun to see everyone and it was especially great that Grandpa was feeling up to having dinner at their place.
We all sat around eating and talking, while the kids ran around swinging.

Logan had a lot of fun, he is very social as long as the right person is holding him.

Alan getting help off the rock from Grandpa

Alan LOVES to swing "super high."

We enjoyed watching a few very funny skits. Logan loved to clap for them.
After the skits we all went home to prepare for Pineview the next day.

We met up with everyone at Pineview Reservoir early Friday afternoon. Scott, Dean, Becky, Daniel, Tim, the kids, and I took the boat out for a while when we first got there (the boat in the pic). We had a "tube" on the back of the boat, and almost everyone took a turn on it (everyone except Logan and me). I was so proud of Emma when she wanted to go out on the tube with Scott, I just wish that I had brought the camera out on the boat. Once Alan saw Emma out on the tube with Daddy, of course he had to give it a try. He was so cute out there. He told Scott "I'm having fun now."

Once we got back from our boat ride we spent a little time playing in the water.

Logan, who had fallen asleep on the boat, stayed in the shade with Grandma so I could go play in the water. He is getting a lot better about going to people.

Alan had just stuck his face in the water. Silly kid.

Throwing mud balls

Once we were done swimming we finally got Alan to eats some lunch. After we were all done eating, we all headed off to Grandpa's cabin. At the cabin we hung out and enjoyed writing limericks about each other, one line at a time.

The next day after a very yummy breakfast we took the kids on a little walk. We actually saw 2 deer.

Emma loved "taking pictures" just like Mommy

Just before lunch we played water-balloon volleyball.

Alan helping Grandpa make more volleyballs

After volleyball, the kids had a ball while playing with the leftover water balloons

After lunch we all cleaned up, said our goodbyes, and headed home. It was yet another wonderful Hilton Reunion. It was so wonderful that so many of us could get together.

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Beth said...

It was a great reunion; thank for all the fun photos!