Sunday, August 17, 2008

Party in the Jungle

After moving on Thursday and with all we had been doing, by Saturday we were ready for a break from boxes. So when Guy and Kristen called asking if we wanted to get together we were excited to have some fun. We met up with Guy, Kristin, Adam, Dan, Ludy, Thomas, and the Doug Leavitts at Jungle Jim's in Salt Lake. It was so much fun. Emma and Alan LOVED going on all the rides. I think Scott LOVED the rides too, as you can see in the pictures. It was a great escape from all of the boxes, and it was great to spend a little more time with Guy and Kristin while they were in town.
By way of explanation, that is Alan and Adam driving the green jeep together. They have always looked a lot alike, but you can especially see it in that picture.

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Beth said...

Wow, you've done a lot of blogging! It was so fun to see all the great photos and catch up on the fun. Thanks for sharing!
Love, Mom