Monday, August 25, 2008

Russ and Micheala's Wedding

Russel and Micheala were married Thursday morning in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. Scott went into the sealing while I stayed with the kids. I tried to get a cute picture of the kids while we were waiting, but sometimes that is just impossible.
Emma had no idea she was totally being a angel
The cute couple
I wanted to take more cute pics, but I actually started not feeling so well while we were at the temple. It was a very nice day. The luncheon was wonderful and the reception was beautiful. Saddly I didn't feel so well all day and by the time we were at the reception I was runing a fever of 102 and by the next morning it was 104. I was sick in bed Friday and Saturday. By Sunday I was able to get out of bed.
I like this pic.

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