Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fancy Nacy Tea Party

Today Emma had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party with her new little friends. Our wonderful new ward has a cute little group of girls that Emma has started playing with. She had been begging to have a party and I gave in. We created "fancy" invitations instructing the ladies to come in their most lavish outfits. At the party we read a Fancy Nancy book, made some stylish accessories, and of course talked over "tea." For treats we had petit four cakes, mini croissant sandwiches, and peach cream cheese tarts. The little ladies had a lot of fun. Tonight after we put the kids to bed Emma came down and said "Thank you for my party." A few moments later she came back down and asked if I would make her another party. I am glad my sweet Emma is so good at making friends.The girls getting ready for the story

Making Fruit Loop necklaces

Enjoying treats

Emma just being cute after the party


Dean, Andrea, and Tanner said...

Wow Laura you're a cute mom to put all that on for Emma and her friends! Miss you guys!

Beth said...

What fun! I'm glad Emma's making new friends and that she has such a good mom.

Holly said...

What a cute idea! We just read Fancy Nancy, and now we're starting to get fancy.