Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Things Alan Said Today

Alan is such a funny kid. He said several funny things today, that I thought I better record before I forget. I really wish I could have a camera on him all the time so I could always remember all the funny things that he says and does.
1. We were in the van driving up to Scott's parents house, and just past Thanksgiving Point Eric was pointing out the windmills to Emma and Alan. Alan asked "Why are there turbines outside?"
2. I had asked Eric if he had met any cute girls yet at BYU and he said there was one girl in one of his classes. Alan got all wide eyed and told Eric "There are two little girls in my class." Then he giggled and got embarrassed. IT WAS SO CUTE!
3. At Grandma and Grandpa's, we decided to play pass the pigs. Alan ran up to Grandpa and said "You can be the big pig." Grandpa then said "You can be a big pig too, Oy."
4. When it was time to go home and we were getting in the van Alan said to Eric "You can't sit there, your bum is too big." He was telling Eric he couldn't sit on the back seat between the two car seats.
Well there you have it a days worth of funny Alan boy quotes. And I am sure there are many more that I forgot. Like when during the sacrament Alan noticed that someone had colored in the hymm book. He then explained to me about how naughty that was and that we only color in coloring books and that this was a music book for reading only.

(Logan is not wearing pants because he is so skinny that he always crawls out of them)
Lately Logan LOVES to do two things...

Play in the kitchen

and climb on things he really shouldn't be climbing on.
(look Alan has a mini me)

Emma was such a trooper and let me dress her up in the Goldilocks costume I made her last year and take pictures for my Ebay listing. She is so nice.


Beth said...

Oh, what fun those kids are; we love them to pieces!

The Byrd House said...

I remember when pants didn't fit Dillon. Now they fit in the waist but are to short in the leg. It will never end. :)