Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I call him Climber McClimbyclimby

Recently Logan has learned to climb both up and down the stairs with great proficiency, but today he also managed to climb on the Bounce 'n Spin Zebra and on the rocking horse. I think that that only leaves the dining table and the counter tops that he has not managed to climb on. If left to himself, I don't really have to worry about him falling, he has quickly learned how to carefully climb down, but if Emma or Alan interfere with him it scares me a little, so I spend a lot of my day taking Logan off of things only to have him cry, throw a little fit, and climb back up.

Also, today, for the first time, when I asked Emma how to spell her name she said "An E, and an M, and an M, and an A. " She is getting so big!Logan was so cute on the horse I just had to get a picture. And yes he had crawled out of his pants.

Of Course Emma and Alan had to get in on the fun. Look, here's a picture with all three crazy kids together!

Can you believe how big my "Girl Baby" it getting!

Emma is teaching Logan how to rock.



Chris & Kathleen said...

so crazy how fast they grow up! By the way, I love the chocolate wall...cute! Oh, and a couple days ago when I was doing Anna's hair she told me she wanted to look like Emma (2 braids) it was cute!

Beth said...

What darling kids (of course, I'm not at all prejudiced)! Keep an eye on that Logan!