Friday, May 23, 2008

Emma's Preschool Program

Yesterday was Emma's last day of school and end of year singing program. It was really cute and a lot of fun. Emma did such a very good job. We are so proud of her for all that she has learned this year. After the singing program was over, Emma got a graduation certificate, and then said her goodbyes to her teachers and friends. She will miss school during the summer break.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Singing a Safety Kids song

With her teachers Miss Kim and Miss Deanna


Kristin and Guy said...

Holy cow, your kids are growing up so fast. When are we going to live by each other again? We need our fun Provo days back... :)

Beth said...

Emma is a doll and her program was so much fun! Thanks for keeping us posted.
Love, Mom Hilton

Angela said...

I love the safety kids!