Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Logan is getting so big these days

Logan is just such a sweet kid. He's getting so big these days. He just loves to talk and play. The other morning he woke up, and I forget exactly what we asked him, but Logan answered us with a little delighted squeal and said yeah. It was like he totally knew what what he and we were saying.
Today he just happily played in his excersauser for over an hour. It is so cute watching him play with all the different toys. Another fun thing he has started doing is saying "hey dadada, hey dadada" until Scott will look at him, and then he will get very excited and start babbling to him about something. Logan is just such a talker and he also loves to sing. When I sing to him I have noticed that he will start baby singing along. He is just a wonderful addition to our family. On Tuesday we got Alan a "big boy" dining room chair at DI, so now Logi gets to use the high chair during dinner and eat with the rest of us. He just loves it. Emma and Alan really enjoy him getting bigger too. They get to play with him a lot more, but I also find myself saying things like "Alan, Logan is not a pony get off him!" and "Emma, careful not to rip off Logan's arms." But they have yet to actually hurt him... So I guess whatever doesn't hurt him can only make him stronger, right?Logan hangin' out with Daddy and AlanTelling Daddy silly stories

Showing off his new tooth (bottom front on his right)

Usually I think Logan looks just like Scott, but in this picture I think he looks a lot like I did.


DEAN, ANDREA, and TANNER said...

We love Logi! Hey I can't remember where you said you got your blog template. I was searching yesterday but couldn't find anything great. If you could tell me again that would be great!

Chris & Kathleen said...

He is such a sweet boy!

If you guys are all feeling better we should get together and play. It's supposed to be 78 on Friday!