Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Job is Never Done

I think I may have done more in the first 2 and a half hours of this Mother's Day, than some mom do all day. Notice I said some moms. I only wish I had taken a picture of the giant mound of folded laundry on my sofa at 2 am. It was like 7 huge loads of laundry all folded in neat piles. On Saturday Scott actually took a day off from school and working (well actually he is done with school for the summer, but since he just finished up on Thursday we are still pretty used to him having school stuff to do) to just be with us and help me out a little. He let me sleep in and then we talked about tag teaming and really getting the house clean, but by the time dinner time came we had little to show for our efforts. Once we got the kids to bed we set to work folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping the floors, and all the many other thing we had to do to prepare for mother's day. Then at about 1:3o (a.m.) I heard strange noises coming from Emma and Alan's room. I investigated, only to find Emma burning up with fever, and there was throw-up all over her bed. Scott got her into the bath, while I cleaned up the mess. A little after 2 a.m. Emma's ruckus woke up Alan and shortly thereafter, Logan woke up too. At about 2:30 I fell asleep getting Logan back to bed and poor Scott ended up staying up until after 5 a.m. with Emma. We have noticed that ibuprofen makes our kids hyper, but it is the only thing that will get their fevers down. Anyway it was a long night.
Despite its beginning, I had such a wonderful Mother's Day. I love my dear sweet little family so much. I have been so blessed with good, loving, funny, cute kids that truly fill my life with so much purpose and joy. And with a wonderful husband who loves and supports me. I am so grateful for Scott. Here are a few of my favorite moments from today.
- Emma waking up, jumping out of bed and saying "I took a nap and now I am all better!"
- Logan finally getting his first tooth.
- Alan saying "Thats not my Eric." very loudly in sacrament meeting at Eric's "homecoming."
- The kids (and Scott) giving me nice presents.
- Handing Logan over to Scott when his diaper exploded.
- The look on Alan's face when I found him in Grandma and Grandpa's room eating the Dove chocolate bar Grandma had gotten for Mother's day and then what he told Grandma - "Its OK if I am hungry."
- Baby Logan just being cuddly sweet baby Logan.
- My kids playing outside on a beautiful spring day.
- The fact that Alex Aaron Allen is a boys name (3 points in Scattergories)
- Spending time with so many relatives and talking on the phone with my mom.
- Scott giving Emma a blessing to help her get better
- Alan's desire to have a blessing too and how cute he was sitting on the edge of his bed with his arms folded telling Scott that he needed Heavenly Father to bless him so he would be safe from the big bad wolf.
- Watching Alan try so hard to sit still for a blessing.
- The peace of knowing that my children know they can turn to their father and their Heavenly Father for anything.

I am so grateful for Mothers. I am grateful that I am a mother, and for the wonderful examples that I have all around me of how to be a better Mother. Being a Mother is so hard and yet so easy. All I have to do everyday is to love my husband, my children, and the Lord... I can't think of a better thing to do with my time.
I love you Mom.
Alan playing with "the north pole"

Emma with her uncles

Alan being Super Alan

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Bek said...

You're a great mom Laura. Aren't kids the greatest?! I love the little things they say. I can totally relate to the throwing up thing. We've had lots of that going on lately. Jackson threw up Thurs night. It has been really weird, because he had never thrown up before, but in the last month and a half he has thrown up 5 or more times. I can totally relate to the mounds of laundry; Thurs night I think we went through most of the sheets and blankets in our house. Last weekend was one of the weekends Jacks didn't throw up, but he had a temp of 103.6, and Lily had strep. And so it goes with kids, right? Like you said though, it's all so worth it. The sweet things they say and the hugs and kisses more than make up for the challenges of motherhood. You have a cute little family! I'm glad things are going well for you guys, and I'm glad you've joined the blogging world!