Friday, May 9, 2008

Mommy and Muffin Party

On Thursday Emma's preschool had a Mom and Muffin Party. It was really cute. They sent home invitations to all the moms, and you could tell that all the kids were so excited to have their moms there. Emma was so sweet. They had prepared little presentations about each mom. They asked the kids questions about their moms and then shared what they said. Emma's went as follows:
All about Emma's Mom
My mom's favorite color is pink.
My mom's favorite food is cereal and this is how you make it with milk
My mom is this tall 2 feet tall
My mom weighs this much 2 lbs (I thought that was especially cute)
My mom's favorite thing to do is make dinner
If I could get my mom anything it would be a baby doll and a purple flower

It really gives a better insight about how Emma sees me. I wouldn't say my favorite food is cereal, but it is definitely what I eat the most of, and I do really look forward to making dinner everyday. And of course I would love a purple flower.
I made a new little outfit for the party. I used fabric that matched the quilt that I just made for my mom. I love how it turned out. In my mind it just screamed muffin...or maybe Little Miss Muffit.

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Holly said...

Way to go making that outfit. It is so perfectly cute! I am continually impressed with your many talents.