Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Sweet Little Girl

I must say "I LOVE Emma!" She is so stinking funny. Today in her preschool class she had to bring a jar with bugs in it. The whole day she carried her bugs around in a jar talking about how much she loved her bugs. When I picked her up from school she was wearing her backpack in the front like a baby carrier and told me to be quite because her bugs were sleeping. Then once we were in the van, Emma said "My friends said that my bugs are stinky and gross, but I just love them." Then tonight she woke up because she needed to use the potty, and as I was tucking her back in she said "Mommy are my bugs asleep?" Oh Emma you sweet little thing. I have never met a more loving little girl. She has also started telling me that she would really like to have another baby. "I love my babies, but I really want a sister." She does really love Logan. She is always asking to hold him, and pet him, and play with him. What a sweet girl.

A Few Things I love about Emma:
-She is so kind and loving
-She truly wants to do good
-She makes me laugh
-She is my pretty princess

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