Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Much Fun

After all the fun we had this past weekend I told myself that I was going to take it easy (or as easy as you can take it with 3 little ones) and work on getting my my home in order. Well Monday came, and we got ready and went to Music-Makers. It was the last one for this season (we only do it during the school year). Alan will be sad, he looks forward to it all week. He is really good at learning songs. After Music-Makers, Emma went over to Anna's house for a backyard "pool party." I walked our little inflatable pool over, after I got Alan down for his nap, so that the girls could slide down into it. They had so much fun! Once Alan woke up, Alan, Logan, and I went back over and played for a few hours. Once we got home it was time to get ready for our FHE camping trip in the backyard. Emma had been sad that she didn't get to sleep in a tent when we went "camping" at the cabin this past weekend while the boys were at the Fathers and Sons, so Scott promised that we would camp in the backyard for FHE. Emma and Alan were so excited. First they put on "camping clothes," then they helped set up the tent while I made dinner, and then we ate dinner at our campsite. After dinner we had those vanilla and orange ice cream cup things, that I swear came with little flat wooden spoons back in the day, but apparently don't anymore. After dinner we had prayer and scripture in the tent followed by a game of Memory and the grand finally of getting to stay up late watching Monster's Inc. Lucky for me Logan has been teething like crazy and not feeling very well because of it, so Logan and I got to go back in the house before the movie.
On Tuesday, after Emma was done with school and dance, I took the kids out on a little walk to see the llama and play at Kaysville Elementary's playground. I was so proud of Emma. For the first time she was able to climb the rock-wall up to the slide all by herself. She did it over and over again, climbing up and then sliding down. She may have been able to do it sooner, but I am a little overprotective when it comes to Emma possibly falling.
Today it was rainy, so I finally had a day were I didn't take the kids anywhere and worked on cleaning our messy, messy house.

Favorite Kid Quote of the Day:
Emma: "Baby I will love you forever!" Said while giving him a hug
Logan: "Squeal!"

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